PT Prima Inovasindo Sukses
Jakarta Barat
IDR 9.000.000 – IDR 13.000.000

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job requirement:

  • Maximum age 35 years old
  • Have experience as a team leader.
  • Significant work experience, minimum 3–4 years in digital marketing experience
  • Familiar with Interactive Media Design, and Social Media
  • Experience in bringing new brands and consumer services to market, including building and scaling consumer awareness, education, and adoption.
  • Ability to work well with others in a fast paced and dynamic environment
  • Experience in market research and business analytics; integration with market and product knowledge, to develop successful marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, sales strategies, and public relations efforts.
  • Strong data management. Must provide strong and visionary management skills to implement our strategic sales plan by considering sales models, understanding the application of technology and setting priorities in a climate of finite resources. The use of metrics and sophisticated data analysis is of no greater importance than sales management.
  • Work requires a willingness work a flexible schedule.

Job Description:

  • Promoting business all types of product to the online media (web and social media) include video creation
  • Perform all digital marketing campaigns, assess against goals, SEO, SEM, and others
  • Do the innovation to maximize marketing campaigns
  • Ability to optimize marketing strategies around profitability goals
  • Strategic thinker that can see beyond the day-to-day to help reach sales and marketing goals, create a stronger brand and improve the customer experience
  • Lead the digital marketing team, to get the best results.